Professional And Accurate Property Valuations Canberra

Liaising with a Certified Professional Valuer from the team at Vanguard Valuations is integral to our service with conducting property valuations in Canberra. Throughout the entire process from beginning to the final result, our Certified Professional Valuer will assist you with queries and questions. Furthermore, aside from our exceptional service delivered to each and every client, we consult with you consistently so you remain abreast of the progress. Transparency and integrity is key along with professionalism and that means we ensure that you are kept in the loop and understand the process we are conducting to achieve property valuations in Canberra. We deliver a quotation for you so you are aware of the costs involved and unlike some companies, there are no hidden costs; we ensure we stick to the quotation and your invoice will reflect our comprehensive service. With extensive experience, we competently conduct research into trends and ratings and ensure that we assess the property valuation with accuracy. Additionally, aiming for efficacy, we can achieve a result within a timely manner and cater for urgent requests with tight deadlines. Our valuations are diverse from family law valuation purposes, property valuations in Canberra for buying and selling or Capital Gains and Stamp Duty Taxes. 

Stamp Duty Valuations

If you are seeking to purchase a home and require a property valuation for Stamp Duty purposes, Vanguard Valuations can assist. We are approved by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and respective Revenue Officers to conduct property valuations for Stamp Duty, which is a once-off payment made to the Government when you purchase a home. The good news is for first home buyers in Canberra, Stamp Duty is not payable since July 2019 but to be eligible for this, the total household income of the purchasers must be less than one hundred and sixty thousand dollars per annum. Vanguard Valuations conduct precise and accurate assessments of the property value, whether it is a newly-built home or an existing one. A property valuation report should be based on the free will transaction between a willing buyer and willing seller where neither are under pressure to undertake the transaction. The assessment should be a fair value that is based on market trends and will be a fair market value generally as that is the main nature of evaluation. The property valuation in Canberra report should be comprised of the description of the property, any factors that may influence the marketability and a comprehensive analysis of the sales and rental evidence included in determining a fair market value. 

Property Valuations In Canberra For Residential And Commercial Purposes

Engaging with Vanguard Valuations for efficient and accurate property valuations in Canberra is an optimum choice for gaining a comprehensive report and fair, reasonable assessment. We conduct thorough research for both residential and commercial property valuations in Canberra as we always endeavour to be precise and offer a detailed service. With vast insight into the property market industry and knowledge and expertise in conducting property valuations, we achieve results within a timely manner meeting your deadlines. Our clientele are consistently pleased with our service which is premium-quality and leading the way in being a qualified and experienced team of experts. We analyse market data which is up-to-date and harness software and research methodologies to ensure we capture all pertinent data. Prior to attending with a consultation on site, we perform these tasks then assess the property including checking zoning and location, structure and land size. Our property valuations in Canberra also consider the features of the property and the age and quality. For commercial clientele, we offer a comprehensive service that ensures that you gain the most fair market value that can help you with obtaining finance, looking to expand or sell the business. Professionalism, integrity and transparency is behind our name and we stand by these qualities in every act that we do to assist you. 

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