The Advantages of Pre-purchase or Pre-sale Property Valuations

When buying or selling a pivotal asset such as property, it is of the utmost importance to ascertain the true value of the property before undertaking any financial obligation.

A certified property valuation report by a registered property valuer is an extremely useful tool to assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing or selling a property.

Independent property valuers are experts in their field for providing reliable and accurate property advice without the bias of a real estate agent or a bank valuer. When hiring a property valuer for your purchase or sale, it is important to look out for the following attributes:

  • Experience – How long has your chosen valuer been operating for? What is their level of experience? Do they specialise in any particular area?
  • Locality – Where abouts is your valuer from? Are they local to your area?
  • Certification – Is your property valuer certified? Do they provide sworn valuations?

Pre-sale and Pre-purchase property valuation reports assess the value of the property “as is” to determine the true market value of the property. The benefits of commissioning such a report when purchasing or selling a property include:

  • Finding the true value of the property – without the bias of a real estate agent or bank valuer. Independent property valuers have no vested interest or further agenda other than providing you with sound and reliable financial advice. This helps in assisting buyers avoid overspending, and assists vendors from either selling too low, or listing too high which may affect the correct market exposure for the target market
  • In-depth analysis presented in an informative report – a property valuation report is a very detailed document that covers all aspects of the property including age, location, condition, size, build type, outlook, proximity to local amenities, analysis of the macro and micro markets, and, of course, the value of the subject property
  • It is an excellent negotiation tool – a property valuation report can greatly assist in the negotiation of a sale. Presenting it to the other party shows that you are serious about the sale and have done your research
  • Peace of mind – a property valuation report can help take out the emotion involved in the sale of a property and can reassure you that you have made a sound financial decision

The current pandemic, COVID-19, has a lot of information on property and sentiment towards financial planning and market value being questioned, with a lot of macro and micro markets in the property sphere being significantly affected. As a result, the importance of a reliable and accurate property valuation report has been magnified to ensure the correct financial decision is made with regards to the sale or purchase of a property.

Why choose us?

Here at Vanguard Valuations, we take special care to understand your needs and how to achieve them. This includes investigation into a wide range of resources and asking the right questions to ensure we achieve the best results for you

Due to our extensive knowledge and utilization of premium valuer resources essential to accurate property valuation, our reports are produced efficiently, transparency, and with the utmost level of care.

Vanguard Valuations can provide accurate and reliable valuation reports on all manner of properties including houses, units, commercial and industrial, rural, and development sites. We cover a large length of the east coast, including capitals of Canberra and Sydney, as well as all rural areas, Wollongong, Western Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, North Shore and Northern Beaches, Hawkesbury, and the Central Coast.

To enquire about a Pre-sale or Pre-purchase property valuation report for all property types, please call us today on 1300 359 886 or contact us with your property valuation requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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