Buying and Selling Properties in Australia – How a Property Valuation Report can Assist You

Knowing the market value of a property will give buyers and sellers an edge in a competitive real estate market. Our expert valuers can provide you with an insight on a property’s true market value. This can help you develop an optimal purchasing or selling strategy.
When evaluating the market value of a property, the team of certified property valuers at Vanguard will:

  • Examine historical and recent sales data of comparable properties
  • Look at macro and micro demographic trends and find out its impact on the value of the property
  • Assess the specifications, attributes and condition of the property
  • Assess any issues of the property that needs to be addressed and provide expert advice.

Vanguard Valuations will complete a comprehensive assessment of your property prior to producing a detailed report. The report will include an estimated market value of the property, including the methodologies and evidence used to determine the value.

We will always provide a timely delivered report that is thorough and accurate.

Our team are highly qualified having over 50 years of experience across all property types. This includes valuations for all types of residential, rural and commercial properties.

The difference between Property Appraisal and Property Valuation

Property appraisals are informal and are generally created by real estate agents. Appraisals are speculative in nature, looking forward in predicting where the property market is headed and what could be achieved in the near future. An appraisal is often done as a first step prior to putting the property on the market. Any property appraisal document is not legally binding.

Property valuations are formal and conducted by an accredited property valuer. Valuation reports can provide the current market value of a property, or the value of a property as at a retrospective date. Valuations are evidence-based as opposed to speculative. Property values can only be based on recent past sales (historical data used is typically within a time-frame of 6 months).

Independent property valuers strive to find the “fair market value” of an asset without bias. It is the fair amount a buyer and a seller would accept and offer for a property in an open market. Often when it comes to buying a property, the listed price is not an indication of a fair price. This is because the listed price tends to consider where the property market is headed and what price could be achieved in the near future.

Here at Vanguard Valuations, we take special care to understand your needs and how to achieve them. This includes investigation into a wide range of resources and asking the right questions to ensure we achieve the best results for you.

Due to our extensive knowledge and utilization of premium valuer resources essential to accurate property valuation, our reports are produced efficiently, transparency, and with the utmost level of care.

Vanguard Valuations can provide accurate and reliable valuation reports on all manner of properties including houses, units, commercial and industrial, rural, and development sites. We cover a large length of the east coast, including capitals of Canberra and Sydney, as well as all rural areas, Wollongong, Western Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, North Shore and Northern Beaches, Hawkesbury, and the Central Coast. We also complete property valuations in all Melbourne suburbs and rural areas.

Here at Vanguard Valuations, we pride ourselves on the efficient delivery of our professional property valuation reports. We will ensure our reports are delivered in accordance with your required deadlines and are happy to cater for urgent requests.

We also provide a highly personalized service that has an emphasis on providing clear, accurate, and succinct property advice, no matter the purpose. Our valuers have access to our huge database, as well as all the most sought after valuation tools.

Vanguard Valuations can have a local certified valuer out to inspect your property within a day’s notice, with reports generally taking 4-5 business days to complete.

To enquire about our fees or to seek further information and advice, please call our office today – you can find our details on our contact us page. Otherwise feel free to fill out your details in our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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