Compulsory Acquisitions

Compulsory Acquisitions

Due to the expansion of cities and the upgrading of infrastructure, more compulsory acquisitions have been undertaken for these works. For those who are or will be affected, it is important to know what your rights are when it comes to getting a fair value for your property.

The acquiring authority determines the amount of compensation to people who are having their property dispossessed. Based on the Just Terms Compensation Act, they aim:

  • To guarantee compensation that will be no less that the unaffected value;
  • To ensure compensation on just terms where land is acquired by an authority and is not available for public sale;
  • To require an authority of the State to acquire land designated for a public purpose where hardship is demonstrated; and
  • To encourage the acquisition of land by agreement instead of by compulsory process.

Knowing this, although the law governs compulsory acquisitions of land, remember:

  • Do not believe government agents who tell you that the value of your property is already predetermined; and
  • You are entirely within your rights to insist on an independent valuation.

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