Family Law Valuations

Vanguard Valuations understands the emotional and stressful time going through a separation can be, and as such we are here to make the process of property valuation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Vanguard Valuations prides itself on its commitment to providing accurate, reliable, and transparent property valuation advice and valuation reports. We have a team of experienced property valuers specializing in property valuation for the purpose of separation and Family Law.

There are two types of valuation reports that can be used for settlement purposes, and which is required will be determined by what stage of separation you are at.

The first is commonly known as the “Mediation Report”. This is a standard property valuation report of similar length to one for taxation or pre-sale/pre-purchase purposes. It is a legal valuation report and can be used for out-of-court settlement.

The second report is the Family Law Court report. This is an extended type of property valuation report and is specifically formatted to comply with all the rules and requirements set out by the Family Law Courts. It is the only kind of report that can be used in court.

Both reports are legal documents and can be relied upon to ensure a fair and accurate value is used for the settlement. Both reports are completed by registered valuers with a wealth of experience, who are experts in their field.

Both report structures can support the true value of the property including property types such as:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial/Industrial properties
  • Investment properties
  • Rural properties
  • Specialty purpose-built properties
  • Hotel & Tourism properties; and many more

The fees for a certified property valuation report for a residential property in the metropolitan area starts at $440 including GST for Mediation purposes and $820 including GST for a Family Law Court valuation report. They will include a detailed description of the property, including the condition, fixtures and features, comparable sales, location maps, photos, market analysis, proximity to amenities, and much an accurate valuation assessment figure.

Our experienced valuers are also able to attend court, sign affidavits and provide reliable property advice. We can have a local valuer out to inspect your property as early as the next business day and are able to adhere to any urgent time constraints you may be under.

To be provided a personalised quote for your property valuation requirements, please contact our office today – our details can be found on our Contact Us page. Alternatively, please fill out your details in our Enquiry Box and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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