Inland Rail: Property and Land Acquisitions

Published on 12th October 2017

What is Inland Rail?

So there is a huge development happening over in the eastern part of regional Australia. The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) touts the Inland Rail as a “a once-in-a-generation” project which connects rail from Brisbane to Melbourne. This has the intention of improving the movement of freight around the country. The Australian Government has committed close to $10 billion dollars for this project and has sanctioned the ARTC to construct it- who are expecting the construction of Inland Rail to start in 2018 with its completion in 2024-25.

What are the benefits?

According to the ARTC the Inland Rail has the following benefits:

  • To help improve freight movement across states.
  • Create thousands of jobs over its construction period as well as when it is operational.
  • Connecting cities, farms, mines and ports.
  • Improving sustainability.
  • Saving time for the transport of freight.
  • Reducing supply chain costs.
  • Reducing the number of incidents on the roads and improving safety due to fewer trucks.

How will this affect you and your property?

Fortunately, for approximately 70% of the route for Inland Rail, the rail lines and corridors already exist. However, new rail is to be constructed between a number of junctures between:

  • Illabo to Stockinbingal
  • Parkes to Narromine (5km of new track)
  • Narromine to Narrabri
  • North Star to the NSW/QLD border
  • Gowrie to Helidon
  • Helidon to Calvert
  • and Calvert to Kagaru

Inland Rail

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For those whose property is affected, the ARTC is currently approaching landowners to help with field studies for their environmental and planning assessment. They have indicated that they will continually notify landowners about any planning applications that will take place.

As a consequence, there will eventually be a number of land acquisitions which will take place over the course of its construction. The ARTC has indicated that the specifics of acquisitions and compensation will occur once the locations and approvals are in place.

The ARTC will negotiate with landowners and will try to come to a fair payment for their property. Sometimes this can be quite lengthy and complex. As a result, I would advise you to seek out assistance through a lawyer and other experts in the field such as a property valuer, forensic accountant, town planner and agronomist to help determine what is fair for you. I will be detailing the land and compulsory acquisition process in a future article.

Here at Vanguard Valuations, we strive to find a price that is fair for you when it comes to acquisitions. So if you need help and would like to obtain a detailed valuation report, please contact us on 1300 359 886 or send us an email through our contact page.

For more information on Inland Rail please visit the ARTC website at

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