Buying & Selling

Knowing the market value of a property will give buyers and sellers an edge in a competitive real estate market. Our expert valuers can provide you with an insight on a property’s true market value. This can help you develop an optimal purchasing or selling strategy. Vanguard Valuations will complete a comprehensive assessment of your property prior to producing a detailed report. The report will include an estimated market value of the property, including the methodologies and evidence used to determine the value. Read more

Valuation for Taxation

We conduct valuations for a number of taxation purposes. These include (but is not limited to): Vanguard Valuations is approved by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to undertake CGT property valuations. We conduct current and retrospective market CGT valuations. Vanguard Valuations is approved by the ATO and respective Revenue Offices to undertake Stamp Duty property valuations. The margin scheme reduces the amount of GST that needs to be paid when you sell a property as part of your business. Read more

Family Law Valuations

Vanguard Valuations understands the emotional and stressful time going through a separation can be, and as such we are here to make the process of property valuation as smooth and stress-free as possible. Vanguard Valuations prides itself on its commitment to providing accurate, reliable, and transparent property valuation advice and valuation reports. We have a team of experienced property valuers specializing in property valuation for the purpose of separation and Family Law. Read more

Property Litigation Services

Vanguard’s expert valuers have extensive knowledge and experience in conducting property valuations for legal disputes. We can provide detailed reports that can be used during the mediation and litigation process. If mediation fails or is not attempted, our comprehensive reports are tailored specifically for use in the courtroom. We provides expert witness services for both mediation and court proceedings. Our understanding and experience of the mediation process, court proceedings and property litigation means that we are ideal for providing expert witness testimony for property valuations. Read more

Probate Valuation

During times when an Estate of the Deceased needs to be acted upon, a detailed and comprehensive probate valuation report is essential to find the true value of the property and allow for a fair estate property settlement. Sometimes (such as during a dispute), you may need a retrospective valuation for the date of death of the owner. Our property valuation reports are truly independent. You can rest assured that the final value you receive is the right one. The databases we use are up-to-date and detailed and we have a deep knowledge of the local market. We understand the sensitive nature of probate and deceased estate valuations and take pride in our team always conducting themselves in. Read more

Compulsory Acquisition

Due to the expansion of cities and the upgrading of infrastructure, more compulsory acquisitions have been undertaken for these works. For those who are or will be affected, it is important to know what your rights are when it comes to getting a fair value for your property. Vanguard Valuations can take the guesswork out of the compulsory acquisition process, making this a seamless and stress free process for you. Knowing this, although the law governs compulsory acquisitions of land, remember: Do not believe government agents who tell you that the value of your property is already predetermined; and You are entirely within your rights to insist on an independent valuation. Read more

Self Managed Super Fund Valuations

Superannuation Fund Valuations

Superannuation funds can be set up as a way to own property, whether residential or commercial, to better have control of the investment decisions that will determine the quality of your retirement. If you own an asset within a self managed superannuation fund, you will need to regularly report on its value to comply with the guidelines set out by the Australian Taxation Office. At Vanguard Valuations, we provide expert and accurate valuation reports for the purpose of SMSF reporting, including for residential, commercial, industrial, retail, rural, and prestige properties. Read more

Stamp Duty Valuations

Stamp Duty refers to the duty or tax that is payable on a percentage of the market value of a property when ownership details are exchanged. This exchange can be between related parties through a transfer of ownership or through the sale of a property between third parties. It is also payable on the transfer of a property from entity to entity such as to a superannuation fund. The following rates are advised for the calculation of Stamp Duty in NSW: Read more

Retrospective Valuations

Retrospective Valuations In most situations, a property valuation report is conducted at current market value with the most recent comparable sales and market trends being analysed to determine the fair market value as at the date of valuation. However, it is not uncommon for a client to require a property valuation report for a date since passed. This is known as a retrospective property valuation report. A Retrospective valuation can also be referred to as a back-dated or historical valuation and refers to the method of determining an asset’s value at a certain point in time. Read more

Commercial & Industrial Valuations

Vanguard Valuations has extensive experience valuing commercial and industrial properties for a wide range of purposes. We are registered valuers providing expert reports that are both accurate in reporting and an affordable and efficient service for our clients. Due to the complex nature of commercial properties as opposed to residential properties, so too do the methodologies of commercial property valuation. Read more


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