Capital Gains Tax valuations might be one service that Vanguard Valuations offers but there is a plethora more that we can do and all with professional and efficient service. Our friendly and highly-qualified team provides valuation and consulting services for both the public and private sectors and for all classes of property. Armed with over twenty-five years of experience, we are committed to ensuring premium-quality service and the highest degree of integrity and transparency. Furthermore, we are completely independent and impartial from the influences of external parties who may want to influence our decision-making. Working closely with the Australian Valuer’s Institute, we are qualified to perform expert valuations on your property and assess Capital Gains Tax valuations. We deliver our service in a timely manner and our reports are comprehensive and tailored to you; providing a personalised service that underpins Vanguard Valuations. Our reports are communicated in terms that are succinct, clear and comprehensible. We understand there are deadlines that need to be fulfilled and therefore we conduct enquiries into the local market data before commencing the valuation. We assess your requirements and ask pertinent questions to determine our assessment and we can answer your questions in relation to the valuation and market. We operate in Sydney through the metropolitan area, Campbelltown, Sutherland Shire, the Western suburbs, North Shore, the Blue Mountains, Wollongong and the Central Coast as well as Canberra and the broader areas of the Australian Capital Territory. Aside from Capital Gains Tax valuations, Vanguard Valuations can conduct valuations for Stamp Duty, the GST margin scheme, probates, family law, buy-outs, pre-purchase and sale, insurance, easements, rent reviews, liquidation assets, real estate valuation and appraisals.

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Why Choose Vanguard Valuations

Aside from Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax valuations are extremely important. A gain or loss can occur and conducting a Capital Gains Tax valuation may be necessary to maintain taxation requirements and legal obligations. Any capital gains or losses can happen when you sell or gift a property to another person. It can also occur when you move out of your home and commence leasing it to another party whilst you live in another property. We are the choice valuations consultant agency for your requirements because we are professional, independent, transparent and produce timely results. Our Certified Professional Valuers (CPV) are highly-qualified with expertise to professionally and accurately value your assets including property. We ensure that we are familiar of new methodologies and the current market trends in the real estate industry and as we like to say, ‘we are constantly at the “vanguard” of the valuations industry’. As an independent company, we do not possess affiliations with real estate agents or banking institutions so we aim to deliver a premium-quality and trustworthy service that is right for you. Transparency is key in conducting valuations. We do not want to surprise you with hidden costs and we will not sweep information under the rug. We will establish a productive and positive rapport with you  throughout the entire process. Time is of the essence in the modern world and this applies to valuations such as those conducted for Capital Gains Tax purposes. Vanguard Valuations are renowned for delivering a prompt and efficient service.

The Process

The process of Vanguard Valuations is to organise an initial consultation which can be arranged via email or by telephone. You will gain extensive information from a Certified Professional Valuer, who will also be your main point of contact through every step of the process. We will provide a quotation prior to commencing our valuation of your property so that you know what the process entails, an estimated turnaround time and what fees to expect. We may conduct an asset inspection, requesting any pertinent plans or documentation that is salient for our valuation. We will then conduct extensive research to ensure that our knowledge and information is up-to-date and precise for you. Our team utilises a rational and scientific evidence-based approach in creating our comprehensive reports. Finally, once payment has been processed, we will release the detailed valuation report where our consultant will be available to answer any queries and questions you may have regarding any information provided in the valuation report. If you require a Capital Gains Tax valuation or any other aforementioned type valuations, consider Vanguard Valuations for our professional service and capacity to operate with efficacy and deliver exceptional service to our clientele.

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