Our Certified Professional Valuers (CPV) use a proven and robust methodology to ensure accurate valuations on assets. When you choose our company for your property needs, you get an invaluable 25 years of valuation experience. Since the real estate industry is continuously changing, we strive to ensure that we are constantly at the ‘vanguard’ of the valuations industry, by being at the forefront of new developments and ideas.

We are an independent firm that has no affiliations with real estate agents or banks.  Your best interests are our priority, whilst remaining strictly impartial and detached from the influences of other parties. We listen to what your needs are for your valuation and tailor our services for you.

We understand that establishing and maintaining trust is important for a working relationship. Since your valuation is important to us, we will be an email or a phone call away for all of your enquiries. You can rest assured that we want to work hard for you using our proven methodology and practices. You will receive a detailed report and a phone call discussing your valuation, because we want to find the best value for your property.

We pride ourselves on a prompt delivery of service where we aim for a quick turnaround time. Although we assign a single valuer upon contact, the people at Vanguard are a team. Which means we work together to help bring accurate valuations within a time-frame that works for you. So you can be certain, when it comes to the valuation of your home, business or farm, you will receive them in time.

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