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Vanguard Valuations is an industry-leading and well-respected property valuation firm that has been operating within the Sydney metropolitan area, greater regional NSW, and the ACT to provide accurate and reliable valuation services to our respected clients. At Vanguard Valuations, we draw on a collective experience level of over 25 years in the industry, with a team of highly sought-after expert property valuers who cover all manner of property types and valuation requirements.

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain the highest level of professionalism whilst never compromising on integrity and accuracy. Our objective is to facilitate your valuation requirements as well as meeting your expectations as much as possible.

We work closely with the Australian Valuers Institute (AVI) to uphold the standards and principles set out by the Institute, and reflect the training provided by the AVI in the accuracy of our valuation reports. The Australian Valuers Institute was founded in 1938 and is the only Australian based industry body that solely represents valuers. The Institute aims to uphold the ethical standards of the valuation profession through ensuring that its members render services to their clients with integrity, honor and professionalism whilst acting impartially, objectively and in adherence with the International Valuation Standards when providing independent advice.

As well as the AVI, we also have valuers certified under the Australian Property Institute (API), which is the second professional body providing accreditation to property valuers.

What you can expect from Vanguard Valuations:

Here at Vanguard Valuations, we pride ourselves on the efficient delivery of our professional property valuation reports. We will ensure our reports are delivered in accordance with your required deadlines and are happy to cater for urgent requests.

We also provide a highly personalized service that has an emphasis on providing clear, accurate, and succinct property advice, no matter the purpose. Our valuers have access to our huge database, as well as all the most sought after valuation tools.

Vanguard Valuations can have a local certified valuer out to inspect your property within a day’s notice, with reports generally taking 2-3 business days to complete (depending on purpose of the report).

We will assess your property and local market data before carrying out a physical inspection or even before a fee is paid. Because of our experience and superior knowledge management processes, we will often have current local market data on-hand. This reduces the time is takes for us to complete your valuation.

How do we value property?

Vanguard Valuations will assess your property using local market data, whether that be on a retrospective or current market basis before even carrying out a physical inspection of the property and before a fee is even paid. As a result of our extensive experience and access to the most accurate and up to date data available, a speedy turnaround time is not only promised, but is guaranteed. Our expert valuers also are happy to discuss your view on the property value and expectations for the report prior to any work being commenced. This quality service is something we pride ourselves on being able to provide.

Once an order is confirmed, our valuers will arrange the inspection of the property and proceed with the report. We compare the property on a like for like basis to determine where exactly the value lies, with the report providing a single and accurate figure for you to work with.

Why choose us?

Here at Vanguard Valuations, we take special care to understand your needs and how to achieve them. This includes investigation into a wide range of resources and asking the right questions to ensure we achieve the best results for you.

Due to our extensive knowledge and utilisation of premium valuer resources essential to accurate property valuation, our reports are produced efficiently, transparency, and with the utmost level of care.

Vanguard Valuations can provide accurate and reliable valuation reports on all manner of properties including houses, units, commercial and industrial, rural, and development sites. We cover a large length of the east coast, including capitals of Canberra and Sydney, as well as all rural areas, Wollongong, Western Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, North Shore and Northern Beaches, Hawkesbury, and the Central Coast.

What are the reasons I would need a valuation?

Vanguard Valuations provides accurate valuation reports for purposes such as:

  • Stamp Duty
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • GST Margin Scheme
  • Probates and Deceased Estate
  • Family Law and Mediation
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Buyouts
  • Pre-purchase and Pre-sale
  • Building Replacement Insurance
  • Easements
  • Rent Reviews and Rental Determinations
  • Bankruptcy and Liquidation
  • Current Market Value
  • Retrospective Value
  • Real Estate Appraisals
  • DHA Rental Reviews

To seek further information, or to speak to a valuer directly, please contact us today. Our full list of contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

Asset Types

Residential Valuations

Residential Valuations

There may be a time when you need to find the value when you sell or purchase a home. Whatever the need, we provide valuations for both unimproved and improved residential property.

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Industrial Valuations

We provide valuation reports covering a wide range of different industrial properties, from manufacturing to mining.

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Industrial Valuations
Retail and Commercial Valuations

Corporate, Retail and Commercial Valuations

From a small strata office to multi-story CBD buildings, we provide a variety of valuations.

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Rural Valuations

We cover rural and agribusiness properties from within NSW including the Central Coast, Hawkesbury, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Orange, Dubbo and Nelson Bay.

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Rural Valuations Sydney
Special User Property Valuations

Special Use Property Valuations

Our expertise extends to special use properties inlcluding hotels and pubs, service stations, churches, educational institutions and golf courses.

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Why Us

Property Valuers Sydney


Our Certified Professional Valuers (CPV) use a proven and robust methodology to ensure accurate valuations on assets. When you choose our company for your property needs, you get an invaluable 25 years of valuation experience. Since the real estate industry is continuously changing, we strive to ensure that we are constantly at the ‘vanguard’ of the valuations industry, by being at the forefront of new developments and ideas.

Property Valuation Sydney


We are an independent firm that has no affiliations with real estate agents or banks.  Your best interests are our priority, whilst remaining strictly impartial and detached from the influences of other parties. We listen to what your needs are for your valuation and tailor our services for you.

House Valuation Sydney


We understand that establishing and maintaining trust is important for a working relationship. Since your valuation is important to us, we will be an email or a phone call away for all of your enquiries. You can rest assured that we want to work hard for you using our proven methodology and practices. You will receive a detailed report and a phone call discussing your valuation, because we want to find the best value for your property.

Stamp Duty Valuation


We pride ourselves on a prompt delivery of service where we aim for a quick turnaround time. Although we assign a single valuer upon contact, the people at Vanguard are a team. Which means we work together to help bring accurate valuations within a time-frame that works for you. So you can be certain, when it comes to the valuation of your home, business or farm, you will receive them in time.

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