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Property Valuation Melbourne

At Vanguard Valuations, we’re your trusted experts for precise property valuation in Melbourne. We are certified and independent property valuators, dedicated to providing accurate and reliable assessments in the dynamic Melbourne real estate market.

Property Valuation Services Offered in Melbourne

Buying and Selling: Our experienced property valuers in Melbourne assist in smooth transactions, ensuring fair deals for buyers and sellers.

Valuations For Taxations: We provide accurate Melbourne Property Valuations that are vital for tax compliance, helping you navigate tax-related matters seamlessly.

Family Law Valuations: Our property valuations support equitable settlements in family law cases, ensuring fairness and clarity in asset distribution.

Property Litigation: Our property valuers provide essential valuation expertise for resolving property-related legal disputes.

Probate Valuations: Our property valuations assist in probate proceedings, facilitating the efficient distribution of assets according to legal requirements.

Compulsory Acquisitions: You can trust our Melbourne property valuations to ensure you receive fair compensation during compulsory acquisition processes.

Superannuation Fund Evaluations: Our property valuations are essential for accurate superannuation fund evaluations, helping you make informed investment decisions.

Stamp Duty Valuations: At Vanguard Valuations, our property valuations support precise stamp duty calculations, optimising your property transaction costs.

Retrospective Valuations: Melbourne property valuations provide historical property value insights, crucial for retrospective assessments and decision-making.

Commercial and Industrial Valuations: For commercial ventures in Melbourne, our property valuers offer in-depth assessments to inform your strategic decisions.

DHA Rent Review/Objection Review: Our property valuations aid in rent review and objection processes, ensuring fair rental agreements with DHA properties

Tax Depreciation Schedules: Our property valuations can help optimise your tax depreciation claims, maximising returns on your property investments.

Benefits of Property Valuations in Melbourne

What are the potential benefits of obtaining a professional property valuation in Melbourne? Well, property valuations provide an accurate and unbiased assessment of a property’s worth, helping buyers make informed decisions, sellers set realistic prices, and investors optimise their portfolios. At Vanguard Valuations, our experienced team in Melbourne delivers precise valuations that empower clients to navigate the property market with confidence.

As property owners and investors, you benefit from our meticulous analysis, which considers market and economic conditions, location, improvements, amenities, and recent relevant market sales. When a Certified Practicing Valuer from our Melbourne team prepares your property valuation report, you gain the assurance of an accurate and fair assessment of your property’s true value. 


Our team extends their expertise to properties situated in the wider Melbourne region, as well as regional areas, including Geelong, Dandenong, Bendigo, and Traralgon, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your valuation needs. Trust Vanguard Valuations for a transparent, professional, and personalised valuation experience. 

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Our Seamless Process

Initial Consultation

Begin the valuation process by contacting our independent property valuers in Melbourne at 1300 359 886 or via email at info@vanguardvaluations.com.au. Here, you can discuss your property and valuation requirements to initiate the process.

Asset Inspection

We schedule a convenient appointment to inspect your property, ensuring thorough assessment and accuracy in our valuation process.

Research & Reporting

We employ a meticulous, evidence-based approach, with our team of specialists conducting in-depth research to provide you with a rational and scientifically supported valuation report.


Your certified valuation report will be promptly delivered via email. We remain available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a transparent and informative valuation experience.

What People Say About Us

Andy Tran
We have engaged with Michael from Vanguard Valuations for the purposes of stamp duty and CGT and he has been amazing to work with. He has been very clear throughout the entire process, and was able to assist us with providing the valuation report within a short timeframe. He has also been very friendly, supportive and understanding. We couldn’t have asked for a more smoother and easier transaction, and we sincerely appreciate Michael for his expertise. Many thanks and we will definitely recommend his services in the future to our friends and family.
Sharon Turner
Would highly recommend Michael of Vanguard. His communication was excellent and happy to answer any questions. He completed our valuation on time and was very thorough.
Kristopher Sanford
The team at Vanguard Valuations have been fantastic. They have been prompt, transparent, and reliable the entire time. I would highly recommend that you use them for any of your valuation needs.
Linlin Cai
Highly recommend Michael to anyone who needs a valuation service!!!I was looking for a valuation for stamp duty purposes and contacted several property valuation firms and individual valuers, Michael is the only one who responded promptly, explained the process and patiently answered all my questions! (btw he provided a better price than others). He is so professional, efficient and responsible. Received my report in 3 business days after the inspection! Thank you so much for the high quality service!
Peggy Wong
Great services and very professional. Highly recommended his business.
j s
Recently engaged this company for rental valuation. Michael and his team provided a high quality professional service at reasonable rates to our satisfaction. I found Michael courteous, honest in his dealing and wish the company a great success
Needed to get my Hurstville property tax depreciation schedule done this year. Michael from Vanguard turned around with promptly and got me a great number. No fuss, no dramas, just straight talking and reasonable price. Thanks again
Enquired through email for valuation of our family property for probate and stamp duty purposes. Michael from Vanguard Valuations was personable and professional. Their prices were very competitive with a super quick turn around.
Adam Bruce
Quick turnaround, easy process, excellent service. Thanks.
Allan Tang
Prompt and professional, 5 star service, highly recommend.

About Vanguard Valuations

Vanguard Valuations, a distinguished firm of certified property valuers in Melbourne, proudly caters to clients throughout Melbourne and its surrounding areas. Boasting over 50 years of collective industry experience, our expert team excels in valuing a wide array of property types, including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, and rural properties. We provide precise assessments for diverse needs, from essential stamp duty and capital gains tax reports to comprehensive valuations essential for mediation or family law matters. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity, and accuracy drives us to not only meet but exceed your valuation expectations, ensuring excellence in handling all your property valuation requirements.

Our Services in Other Locations

Along with our property valuation services in Melbourne, we also service clients in New South Wales, the ACT and Queensland, providing comprehensive and reliable valuation solutions.

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